Going To The Best Beaches in Central America

With very little of the overcrowding that you may be familiar with in different beach locations around the world, you shall be pleasantly surprised by the beaches available across Central America. From slightly more developed beach resorts, but still without the tourist masses, to more remote and deserted beaches you are sure of being able to find the beach best suited to your idea of the perfect vacation.

So what are some of the beaches you should be looking out for in Central America?

Costa Rica as a country has several top quality beaches and it may be seen as the most developed of countries in Central America certainly in tourism. In Costa Rica you may wish to visit the Nicoya Peninsula which is home to a beach often voted as one of the best which is Playa Tamarindo. The Nicoya Peninsula is more of a tourist hotspot when compared to other places so you do have a variety of accommodation and entertainment available to you no matter what your price bracket may be. You can also find one of the best beaches for Costa Rica in the Manuel Antonio nature reserve. It does not come with all of the tourist influenced trappings of the Nicoya Peninsula due to it being a nature reserve. It does come with some rather expensive accommodation so it may be better to stay outside of the nature reserve and travel early in the morning.

Some of the best beaches in Central America can be found in those countries seen as less developed or more off the beaten track. Examples of these can be seen in countries such as Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua and even Belize more associated with rainforest.

With Belize the beach that really stands out is Placencia which is situated in the south of Belize at the end of a very small peninsula. It is often referred to as being a beach where you can completely relax and while there is the possibility of exploring the waters around the area it is more associated with doing absolutely nothing apart from admiring the view.

Panama has seen an increase in people seeing one of its beaches in particular as a surfing paradise. This beach is Bocas del Toro and it is in an area containing 68 islands offering you a wide range of possibilities. While you may wish to go scuba diving or try surfing you have more than enough beaches to choose from where you may be the only one there at the time.

Honduras is a country which can be ideal for those backpacking or travelling on a budget but still looking for a remote beach. The best can be found in Bay Islands where accommodation is very cheap but entertainment is plentiful and the views can be spectacular.

So Central America has a number of top class beaches and only a few possibilities have been mentioned here. By doing a bit of research before you go and by talking to companies who deal with this area you can end up in a bit of paradise without having to spend vast amounts of money.

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