Packing list for a round-the-world trip

Packing list for a round-the-world trip

Are you planning a round-the-world trip? If so, you’ll need to pack carefully to make sure everything you need is with you. This packing list will help you get started. (Links to previous blog posts on packing tips can be included as well). 

There are a few things to keep in mind when packing for a round-the-world trip. Firstly, make sure your luggage is sturdy and built for long trips – you don’t want it breaking or fall apart halfway through your journey. Secondly, pack light! You’ll be doing a lot of lugging around, so the less weight the better. Finally, plan your outfits ahead of time and try to mix and match pieces so you don’t have to bring too many items. 

The rule in lightweight packing is one to wash, one to wear, one spare. This is possible but can be hard work. If you can carry it, take extra.

t shirts – vest or short sleeve, depending on preference at least 3

long sleeve top, jersey or heavy jersey

button-up shirt in cotton or linen

pants or shorts, at least 4 pairs, one can be jeans

shorts, can be swim shorts

linen or lightweight pants

leggings or running tights

trekking or yoga pants if needed

a large scarf for winter or summer

socks, at least 3 pairs. You won’t wear socks very often in hot climates.

underwear at least 5 pairs, ideally a few more

bras and crop tops/ sports bras, at least 4 as these can be hard to wash and dry.

PJs or use one of your T shirts/leggings/shorts

a dress, if you enjoy wearing dresses, substitute for one of the pairs of trousers/pants/shorts.

light sweater or fleece

waterproof jacket if you will be outdoors in rainy climates, or trekking

a heavy fleece or down jacket for very cold climates 

belt, possibly an anti-theft belt


rash guard for sun protection

goggles or snorkel and mask if you own your own and would rather not hire these items


sarong or cover-up

comfortable shoes for walking or travel days, could be hiking boots or shoes, or running shoes

rubber thongs, essential for showers and tropical downpours

dress shoes if required




solid shampoo bar

conditioner if needed

contact lenses or reading glasses if needed

secure strap for glasses

sunglasses / prescription / polarized

secure strap for sunglasses

contact lenses solution

reef safe sunscreen

lip balm with UV protection

face wash

solid body lotion bar or butter

zip lock bags

makeup if needed

sanitary protection

shaving soap of some sort

hand soap



nail clippers or scissors

perfume/fragrance/cologne if required

water bottle

tissues or wipes

travel adapter plug

tiny microphone

cables and chargers



underwater camera


sleep mask/ear plugs if needed


large travel towel


large travel towel

packing cubes

a small torch or head torch

security items such as a door wedge or anti-theft bag

wash bag/make-up bag (this one is superb)

dirty laundry bag or plastic bag

wet bag or plastic bag

shoe bags (these are quick and easy to sew from old T shirts)

backup battery packs/power banks



driver’s license

other essential documents

hat for sun and for cold, must have a brim of some sort

bank cards

reusable shopping bag or beach bag or daypack




Be sure to weigh your bag and look into carry on size and weight requirements. These do vary between airlines.

If all else fails, buy when you arrive at your destination.

We hope this video was helpful.

Safe travels!

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